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A Night at the Drive-In

Ready to watch the movie!

A long overdue date night. Surprising my wife is always a challenge, so I looked outside our regular haunts, though still close enough to Harrisonburg, and finally settled on a drive-in movie! (It wasn’t a hard choice — how perfect of date is that?) I hit the grocer, landed a pile of movie-appropriate snacks, told […]

Heaven! I mean, the Green Valley Bookfair.

Green Valley Bookfair

Oh, books! Can you ever really have enough? When that “what would you save from your house if there was a fire?” question comes up, I know I shouldn’t hesitate, but the thought of leaving all those dear pages-friends of wisdom and inspiration and growth and aspiration behind is a tragic one. And sometimes (confession […]

All About Wayne’s “Magic Hospitality Pass”

A good host not only provides for your needs while you’re under their roof, but they’ll make sure to point you in all the right directions for the best stay possible. And for that, there’s truly no better way to stay than a bed & breakfast! Here in Harrisonburg, Wayne (the Inn’s Master Innkeeper, in […]

We (Heart) the Arts

To visit Downtown Harrisonburg is to realize that it’s one of those little corners of the world that’s a true up-and-comer. It’s making its mark with a plethora of phenomenal restaurants, brewing companies, visiting bands of all sorts of fame… and a burgeoning arts scene. Designated an Arts & Cultural District, Harrisonburg’s spotlight shines on […]

Hello Harrisonburg: Welcoming the newest restaurants downtown

You probably know this already, but downtown Harrisonburg is one the hottest places to eat in the Shenandoah Valley (fun fact: we’re the first designated culinary district in the state!) We have it all — from Italian, to Caribbean, to German, to locally sourced fare. Even though there are already 30+ restaurants to choose from, […]

Out & About: The Highland County Maple Fest

Maps from the Highland Maple Festival

Did you know… that maple syrup has a higher calcium content than milk? That maple syrup has only 40 calories per tablespoon (5 less than honey and 15 less than white sugar)? That it takes 40 quarts of sugar water from the maple tree to make one quart of syrup? I recently discovered these things […]