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Hosting Talent: Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor

We had the privilege of hosting folk musician Eric Taylor in March, and the team made it over to his concert here in Harrisonburg. Check out this little clip… KEEP READING

Behind the Lens: Meet Michael, Photographer & Web Marketing Intern

Michael Sheeler

Stonewall Jackson Inn’s hospitality team is growing. We’ve just added Michael Sheeler, photographer and web marketing intern to the crew, and he’s bringing incredible visual and technical expertise to our innkeeping team … KEEP READING

Hosting Talent: Breath of Soul

Breath of Soul

There was vocal magic at the Court Square Theatre stage here in Harrisonburg last Friday night. Three vocal bands opened wide their pipes and doused the crowd with energizing tunes spun in ear-opening new ways – and all sans the typical accompanying guitars, percussion, and keys. Yes folks, these were a cappella artists. … KEEP READING

Aspiring Innkeepers: Meet Jonathan and Julie

Aspiring Innkeepers - Jonathan and Julie

There’s something about entering a home, isn’t there? A place that leaks life, stories, laughter, and energy, and where evidence of years spent learning, growing, and loving lingers in scratched floorboards, hard-to-reach dusty corners, and well-enjoyed grounds. You don’t have to know all the history of a place – any of it, really –  to soak it in, sit back, and savor a moment of peace and welcome guest-hood. Maybe that’s why we love the bed & breakfast … KEEP READING

Winter Hiking – Shenandoah National Park

Winter Hiking - Shenandoah National Park

The unseasonably warm weather has made it nearly impossible to stay indoors. We gave in and headed up to the Skyline Drive for some winter hiking!

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