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Southern Hospitality

Stonewall Jackson Hospitality

Imagine walking into an establishment for the first time and being met with a genuine smile and sincere interest. Picture entering a Christmas party and being greeted at the door with more smiles, joy, and reindeer apparel than you have ever seen in one room. Visualize approaching the entrance to a restaurant and the man […]

Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg “Below the Surface”


Whenever there is a discussion about icebergs someone always mentions that 90% of the iceberg is below the surface. Then starts the argument about whether it’s 90% or 7/8ths or some other number. Suffice it to say most of it is below the surface. When exploring Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg the casual observer may not realize […]

The Journey of the Morning Glories


  While I have on occasion seen a Morning Glory vine somewhere, I have never had them as a part of “my” landscape…until now, that is. The Stonewall Jackson Inn’s breakfast patio has a Morning Glory plant that grows on the deck railing. In the spring, the trimmed back plant slowly awakens from its winter […]

Faces of the Stonewall Jackson Inn Bed & Breakfast


Time to revive this blog with a fresh breath of new life! Life moves fast for the Innkeepers of a top-rated Bed & Breakfast in the Shenandoah Valley. The Stonewall Jackson Inn recently welcomed a new cohort of Interns, eager to learn a new set of skills in the hospitality arena. We wanted to kick-off […]

Experience the Magic of Christmas in Historic Harrisonburg

Stonewall Jackson Inn's Holiday Package

To: Guests of “The Friendly City” Love, Stonewall Jackson Inn Each year when the air gets that twinkly feeling and the overnight snowfall brings wonder in the morning sun, we can feel the spark of Christmas a-coming. The warm glow of a fireplace, the glimmer from lights bedecking branches — all these things awaken our […]

Hello, Red!

Meet Red

The Red Chair recently stopped in for a sit at the Stonewall Jackson Inn. “Red,” as the well-traveled little chair is affectionately known by innkeepers, is on a mission to spend time at bed & breakfasts across the country, encouraging those who pass through to take time to sit and enjoy a peaceful place (and […]