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The Journey of the Morning Glories


  While I have on occasion seen a Morning Glory vine somewhere, I have never had them as a part of “my” landscape…until now, that is. The Stonewall Jackson Inn’s breakfast patio has a Morning Glory plant that grows on the deck railing. In the spring, the trimmed back plant slowly awakens from its winter […]

All About Wayne’s “Magic Hospitality Pass”

A good host not only provides for your needs while you’re under their roof, but they’ll make sure to point you in all the right directions for the best stay possible. And for that, there’s truly no better way to stay than a bed & breakfast! Here in Harrisonburg, Wayne (the Inn’s Master Innkeeper, in […]

Get Inspired: Creating a B&B-Worthy Guestroom

For the Guestroom

One of the biggest reasons people come to us and say “we’ve always wanted to have our own bed & breakfast!” is because they love to open their home and play the host. They long to create that home-away-from-home feel their guests can sink into without a care, to elevate the getaway experience and make […]

Hit the Road: Jonathan & Julie’s Packing Essentials

Packing Essentials

Our car is officially part of our relationship. It took us from Maine (Julie’s home) to California (Jonathan’s home) on a month-long honeymoon, then back again a few months later when we accepted work at the Stonewall Jackson Inn. Since then, it’s been up and back to New England, down to Florida, and remained our […]

Some Helpful Information for Navigating JMU Commencement Weekend

JMU is expecting nearly 25,000 students, family, and guests to converge on the Harrisonburg campus for this momentous occasion! And here at the Stonewall Jackson Inn, we’re preparing for a full house and reunions with many faces we’ve gotten to know well through the college years. We love a good celebration, and graduation is a big one. Here, a few insider tips to make your stay (and celebration) stress-free … KEEP READING



little drift, little smatter, drifting from above / falling, flying, softly sighing / gentle as a dove

Tip toes stealthily obey my curiosity, mustn’t wake the sleeping beauty by my side. Eagerly, quietly through the closed door out into the world this new journey leads. My breath catches tight in my chest, stinging cheeks, the crunch underfoot, a quick biting on the tip of the tongue, a sharp pain in the nostrils all confirm the transformation unveiling itself around me. … KEEP READING