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We (Heart) the Arts

To visit Downtown Harrisonburg is to realize that it’s one of those little corners of the world that’s a true up-and-comer. It’s making its mark with a plethora of phenomenal restaurants, brewing companies, visiting bands of all sorts of fame… and a burgeoning arts scene.

Designated an Arts & Cultural District, Harrisonburg’s spotlight shines on all things artistic, from its SuperGR8 film festival to galleries of local artisans, showings of award-winning films, museums, and public art installations. You can get a feel for the diversity and excitement in this short but inspiring video:

Wayne, the Inn’s Master Innkeeper, is an enthusiastic patron of the visual and performing arts, sponsoring events and hosting visiting artists of our partners. Who knows who you might meet when you stay with us!

For more on Harrisonburg arts scene, visit the Arts Council of the Valley.

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