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Live Your History

Those who know me, know these two things about me–My passion is travel and I love all-things historical. So, it stands to reason that most of my travels are usually planned around places of historic significance. This love for historical adventures started when I was 12 and my parents loaded us kids in our wood […]

Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg “Below the Surface”

Whenever there is a discussion about icebergs someone always mentions that 90% of the iceberg is below the surface. Then starts the argument about whether it’s 90% or 7/8ths or some other number. Suffice it to say most of it is below the surface. When exploring Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg the casual observer may not realize […]

The Journey of the Morning Glories

  While I have on occasion seen a Morning Glory vine somewhere, I have never had them as a part of “my” landscape…until now, that is. The Stonewall Jackson Inn’s breakfast patio has a Morning Glory plant that grows on the deck railing. In the spring, the trimmed back plant slowly awakens from its winter […]

Faces of the Stonewall Jackson Inn Bed & Breakfast

Time to revive this blog with a fresh breath of new life! Life moves fast for the Innkeepers of a top-rated Bed & Breakfast in the Shenandoah Valley. The Stonewall Jackson Inn recently welcomed a new cohort of Interns, eager to learn a new set of skills in the hospitality arena. We wanted to kick-off […]

A Night at the Drive-In

A long overdue date night. Surprising my wife is always a challenge, so I looked outside our regular haunts, though still close enough to Harrisonburg, and finally settled on a drive-in movie! (It wasn’t a hard choice — how perfect of date is that?) I hit the grocer, landed a pile of movie-appropriate snacks, told […]

Heaven! I mean, the Green Valley Bookfair.

Oh, books! Can you ever really have enough? When that “what would you save from your house if there was a fire?” question comes up, I know I shouldn’t hesitate, but the thought of leaving all those dear pages-friends of wisdom and inspiration and growth and aspiration behind is a tragic one. And sometimes (confession […]