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Join the famous Stonewall Brigade!

Stonewall Jackson Headquarters

General Order #7

The Stonewall Jackson Inn is recruiting loyal and dedicated soldiers to join the elite and famous Stonewall Family Brigade. Ask the staff about the Brigade’s history.

Volunteers for the Brigade qualify for “Free” nights, “Free” special dinners, discounts and Surprise Bonuses by liking us on Facebook. Joining the Brigade is easy and requires no physical exam, no marching into battle and our quarters most assuredly will be “A Night’s Delight ~ A Breakfast to Remember”


Take an enlistment postcard, available at the Stonewall Jackson Inn. Enter your name and the date in the enlistment roster to become a loyal soldier in the Family Brigade. Then “Camp” at the Inn headquarters for a combination of six “boot camp” nights.

A “Muster Star” on your enlistment postcard will be punched for each night you stay at the Inn. After all “Muster Stars” have been punched on your enlistment postcard, you are advanced to Master Sergeant rank, and honored with one “free” night!

Move up in rank by staying with us for an additional three nights, and you are promoted to a Captain. Captains are accorded a “free” dinner at one of our local fine dining partners.

Twelve nights at the encampment and you will be promoted to Colonel status with a “free” weekend stay with surprise luxury features.

The recruiting station is in front of you. Bring your enlistment postcard to one of the General’s staff. Inform them that you want to enlist! Keep your card on your refrigerator or in a safe place and bring it with you every time!

**Headquarters will give free nights upon availability**