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New Mug Colors — Just In!

Stonewall Jackson Inn Mugs

These beauties just arrived from Deneen Pottery and we’re enjoying the bright new colors! You may recognize the glaze-topped dark blue and grey, but the solid red, white, and grey are brand-new. What do you think?

We love working with Deneen Pottery on our mug orders. Nationally known and beloved by the hospitality industry, they’re a family-run business that takes great pride in their work. Each mug has been individually hand thrown – over 24 pairs of hands touch each piece that begins with a lump of clay and ends in a twice-fired piece of pottery. With a dense, custom clay body, you’ll find these mugs superior in heat retention and durability. Glazes are lead free and food safe.

Mugs are the perfect souvenir for your stay – collect a new color each time you visit, or purchase one for a special friend or family who needs a hint that it’s time for a getaway!

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