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Hello, Red!

Meet Red

The Red Chair recently stopped in for a sit at the Stonewall Jackson Inn. “Red,” as the well-traveled little chair is affectionately known by innkeepers, is on a mission to spend time at bed & breakfasts across the country, encouraging those who pass through to take time to sit and enjoy a peaceful place (and reminding innkeepers to do the same!).

Its adventure started in Woods Hole on Cape Cod in June, and after over 50 well-photographed visits, will end in Tennessee in December. (You can track Red’s journey here.) Here at the Inn, Red got to experience our Breakfast to Remember, wandered around the property, greeted guests, took a ride in Wayne’s little red hot rod, and found a peaceful moment under the trees in our backyard.

“The red chair became a symbol, a metaphor for connections made across invisible boundaries … the red chair is an invitation to come explore yourself in a quiet and beautiful place.”
~ Beth Colt, founder of Red Chair Travels and Innkeeper at Woods Hole Inn

Here are some pictures from Red’s stay here with us in Harrisonburg — you can view the rest in our Facebook album:

Red Chair

Next stop: Arcady Vineyard & Inn in Charlottesville!


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