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Aspiring Innkeepers: Meet Jonathan and Julie

Living the American Dream

Jonathan and Julie

Dear Stonewall Jackson Family,

There’s something about entering a home, isn’t there? A place that leaks life, stories, laughter, and energy, and where evidence of years spent learning, growing, and loving lingers in scratched floorboards, hard-to-reach dusty corners, and well-enjoyed grounds. You don’t have to know all the history of a place – any of it, really –  to soak it in, sit back, and savor a moment of peace and welcome guest-hood.

Maybe that’s why we love the bed & breakfast. Or maybe it’s the appeal of the out-of-the-ordinary stay, the home-cooked meal, the enjoyment of supporting a local business owner. And then there’s the romance of getting away – of stepping out of everyday routines, shedding usual obligations, and spending one day or several at unmatched leisure, experiencing uncommon hospitality, and building a new relationship.

To many, the whole experience (and maybe we’re all just romantics here) brings to mind the heart of the American Dream – independent entrepreneurship, connection to the local scene, and a well-kept home that’s always open to guests.

That dream is what brings us to the Stonewall Jackson Inn! We’re so excited to live it out in the months to come as we join Wayne to learn the ins and outs of innkeeping, refine our breakfast-making skills, and meet all of you who drive in that driveway and into our lives.

Here’s a quick little intro on us: We got married this past September in Newburyport, MA – and it’s been a wild ride ever since. Jonathan, a teacher and performer by trade, hails from California and is one of nine siblings! His last job found him in costume as Rev. Jonas Clarke, guiding tourists along Boston’s Freedom Trail. With his confident, hardworking, and fearless nature, he’s a fix-it guy, car repairman, and chef all in one. Julie, originally from Maine, was living on the North Shore of Boston and working as a copywriter and editor for various exciting e-commerce businesses for the last five years or so. We’re really feeling privileged to be able to combine our skill sets and giftings and work alongside each other every day – we’re living the American Dream!

The paths we’ve taken have been full of adventure (a mountaintop proposal and a month-long drive from coast to coast for starters), hard work, and lessons full of the excitement of saying “yes” – and we can’t wait to continue that with Wayne here at the Inn!

Can’t wait to meet you. Come by soon.

— J&J (Jonathan & Julie)


  1. Judy Galle says:

    Love that you are living the innkeeper’s life! All the best, Jonathan and Julie!

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