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Get Inspired: Creating a B&B-Worthy Guestroom

For the Guestroom

One of the biggest reasons people come to us and say “we’ve always wanted to have our own bed & breakfast!” is because they love to open their home and play the host. They long to create that home-away-from-home feel their guests can sink into without a care, to elevate the getaway experience and make it feel like a treat.

There’s a literal houseful of wow-worthy tips and tricks out there, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites and hope they’ll serve to inspire your guest room, whether you’ve mastered it (share your tips in the comments!) or don’t know the first place to start.

Without further ado:

1. Create a small basket of toiletries and place it on the bed in your guest room. Shampoos, soaps, and lotions are the essentials — spend the couple extra bucks on a luxurious option to really make it memorable. (Another approach is to invest in small, stylish containers that you can refill from full-size dispensers.)

2. Make-yourself-at-home signage. Be it sweet or worthy of a chuckle, something as simple as a little chalkboard paint and an old picture frame can take you to a whole new realm!

3. If you have the room, reserve a shelf in your bathroom for guest items. A cute “guest” sign like this one does the trick sweetly. On this shelf, tuck away extra toothbrushes, wash clothes, hand towels, lotion, a luxe bar of soap.

4. Make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper in a logical, reachable location. And while we’re talking toilet, store a plunger in there. Sure, it’s far from a glamorous accessory, but it could save some embarrassment if water pressure is low and they happen to get in a, well, jam.

5. Make sure curtains or shades in the bedroom block any nighttime light completely.

6. Set an alarm clock within reaching distance… and make sure it reads the correct time. It may be the age of smartphones, but we’re all in favor of “old school” appeal. If you go with something digital, you may want to think about how bright it shines at night. We like something simple and chic like these.

7. Keep extra blankets and pillows on hand. A small fan is a good temperature control item to have around too (and they get bonus points for white noise).

8. An optional night light. Some like it dark, some don’t.

9. Stow a flashlight. For those who like it dark but get up in the night.

10. Finishing touches: there’s nothing better than a container of fresh, fragrant blooms. Get creative — it doesn’t have to be a vase. Old jars, pitchers, teapots, they all do the trick beautifully!

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