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little drift, little smatter, drifting from above
falling, flying, softly sighing,
gentle as a dove

Tip toes stealthily obey my curiosity, mustn’t wake the sleeping beauty by my side. Eagerly, quietly through the closed door out into the world this new journey leads. My breath catches tight in my chest, stinging cheeks, the crunch underfoot, a quick biting on the tip of the tongue, a sharp pain in the nostrils all confirm the transformation unveiling itself around me. Little drifts ride on the wind falling gently from above, listing playfully, touching the earth until nothing is left to be seen.

the world is white.

What my four senses promised my eyes now behold as I dare to glimpse the deep magic taking place. The heavens have opened and winter’s exhale covers the world in a blanket of pure beauty. A grin creeps its way over my lips and down my arm. Curling fingers hold the object of my mischief. Newly formed, tightly packed, like me he is in a new land in search of new adventures. Winding backwards, focusing the strength inside me, I release all my exuberance. My breath roars outward followed swiftly by my new friend who did not exist but moments before except in my imagination. Flying through the same sky that watched his descent only a short time ago, he is free, cutting through the winds, carrying all the excitement of my heart as he soars towards his true aim, the unknown.


  1. That is the poetic Jonathan I know and love. E-mail this to mom. She doesnt check facebook much. Celeste

  2. This is gorgeous! I beleive that we could see the book with your poems soon 😉

  3. What a wonderful way with words, my friend.

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