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Southern Hospitality

Imagine walking into an establishment for the first time and being met with a genuine smile and sincere interest.

Picture entering a Christmas party and being greeted at the door with more smiles, joy, and reindeer apparel than you have ever seen in one room.

Visualize approaching the entrance to a restaurant and the man who has already come out of the now closed door sees you, turns around and opens the door for you. He even apologizes for not having noticed you sooner.

Southern Hospitality. It’s a famous expression that describes more than just hot cornbread and sweet tea, but rather, a way of life. It has nothing to do with the grandeur that is often found in old Virginia homes or the neatness in which the skilled hostess keeps it. Instead, southern hospitality is a deeply felt commitment to make one’s guests feel like the world has stopped just for them, to create an environment that evaporates the madness of life.

As a West Coast girl learning how to be an innkeeper of a Southern Bed & Breakfast, I have had the opportunity to experience first-hand what southern hospitality means. Not only what it means to our beloved guests who come to the Shenandoah Valley to escape the stress and worries of day-to-day life, but also what it means to me, to us, the Bed and Breakfast innkeepers who are living and breathing hospitality every moment of every day. We have the opportunity to care for complete strangers, allowing our world to revolve around them just for this simple reason; they have crossed over our threshold and are no longer strangers but have become family.


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