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Premium Weekend Guidelines & Information

Our Stonewall Family is always growing! So is JMU, EMU, Bridgewater College, and our community in general. Alas, there are not enough guest rooms to accommodate all of our “frequent stay” family members on special Premium Weekends like Homecoming, Family Weekends, graduation, holidays, and the like. Of course, we want to take care of our most loyal family members who have repeatedly patronized the Inn. So, here are the guidelines on how we handle the situation:

As soon as JMU sets the dates for any Premium Weekend, we block all reservations for those dates. All reservation requests MUST be made by email and contain the following:

  1. Affirmation that you’ve read these guidelines
  2. Your name, address, contact number
  3. The number of rooms, nights, and people you’d like to reserve for

Note that we have four rooms with capacities of up to four without a portable futon, which can be put in most any room to boost the occupancy by one person. Additional persons are normally $50/each. For Premium Weekends, all rooms are sold assuming that all regular beds will be filled. There is a $75/night surcharge and a two-night minimum stay for these weekends.

Priority is given to those who have stayed with us on at least two separate occasions. (Fun fact: The record for stays is held by Mark and Laura Searle, a JMU graduate and alumni. As of January 1, 2010, they have logged 30 nights with us over a 10-year period, and still are frequent guests with us.)

Five months prior to the date, we generate this “Loyalty List” and rank it by using the number of nights stayed, most to least. I usually call to verify and validate the request — usually, 50% or so withdraw their request at this point. Then, reservation invitations with detailed costs are emailed to the valid top ten asking for an final RSVP. If you’ve made the list, you’ll have two days to accept the invitation and seven to provide payment.

Payment for Premium Weekends is refundable ONLY if we can resell your paid reservation. You will still be responsible for the $40 cancellation fee. Note that we must be the reseller to rule out scalping; thus, reservations are NOT transferable.

I do have off-site and adjacent rooms and apartments that I sell to folks who have families or just want sleeping rooms. As well, I have “underground” knowledge of room availability, so if you’re open to alternative options, indicate that on your request. There is ALWAYS a room for you somewhere close by :-). At the very least, you can pitch a tent in our backyard, or bunk in our fine old barn! (It has been done…)

The bottom line is: The more frequently you stay, the higher your rank on the list. For those of you who are wannabe Stonewall Jackson Family Members, don’t lose heart — it costs nothing to email your request, and I will do everything I can to find you suitable lodging. We want you to be a part of our privileged STONEWALL JACKSON FAMILY. Families take care of their own! Contact us with any questions.

See you soon,
— Wayne