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Recipe: Super Easy Gingerbread House

Recipe: Super Easy Gingerbread House
  • An 8-oz. milk carton, empty and clean
  • Canned white frosting
  • Graham crackers
  • Assorted soft candies for decoration (gum drops, jellybeans, candy canes, and cake decorations, such as sprinkles and nuts)
  1. Tape or staple the spout of carton closed.
  2. Using the white frosting as glue, stick graham crackers onto sides and top of carton.
  3. Decorate with candies and cake decorations. Licorice can be used to make windows, small marshmallows can be used as snow covered shingles, and pretzel sticks can be used to make fences.
- Use different sized milk cartons to make an entire city. - Ice cream cones can be covered in green frosting to make Christmas trees. - Decorate with small red candies for holly berries or sprinkles to make Christmas trees. - You might want to practice a few times with this recipe before trying to construct a Gingerbread Stonewall Jackson Inn! - Don’t eat the milk cartons. They are very hard to digest!