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Recipe: Wayne’s Eggs Benedict ~ Stonewall Style

Virginias Finest“This is our most requested Signature “Breakfast to Remember” and my personal favorite. The version here is easy to make, yet elegant and healthy. I serve it with a side of our unique Stonewall Roasted Hash.”– Dr. Wayne Engel, Innkeeper

Featured in Virginia Bed & Breakfast Cookbook, 3rd Edition

Wayne’s Eggs Benedict ~ Stonewall Style
Serves: 1 - multiply ingredients for each serving
  • One large slice of multigrain toast or an English Muffin split in half
  • Two thin slices ⅛” from the best meaty tomato you can find (vine ripened are the best),
  • Two thin slices of Turner’s sugar dried cured (aged) Virginia Country Ham or Italian high quality Prosciutto (in a pinch)
  • Two extra large eggs
  • Two Tablespoons of a light Hollandaise sauce (McCormick mix is easy, good & inexpensive)
  • Softened Cream Cheese
  • Seasoning/Spices: Dill Weed, Balsamic Vinegar
  • Either Tarragon or chopped chives (I prefer the Tarragon)
  1. Hollandaise Sauce: Prepare your favorite Hollandaise sauce, but make it light and relatively thin. If you use the McCormick mix, follow the directions that call for water, so the sauce is light, the consistency of a light maple syrup, and only lightly coats the whisk.
  2. As the sauce starts to thicken, add two tablespoons of dried dill. The sauce should be smooth and run easily from a spoon. Whisk after adding the dill until evenly mixed and at the right consistency.
  3. Reduce to a very low heat, cover and let stand while you poach the eggs. Making the sauce with water makes it very forgiving as it allows you to add splashes of hot water if it becomes too thick and pasty. You can put any left over in a small airtight container and store it in your fridge for days.
  4. Eggs Benedict: Have all items ready to go before starting. The timing is important and the dish is best served steaming hot. Have the tomatoes sliced and sprinkled with the Balsamic Vinegar and Tarragon; also the ham, seasonings, a straining ladle or spoon sprayed with non-stick spray, and a gravy ladle for the sauce, a spreading spatula for the cream cheese and your garnish choices.
  5. For the egg poaching, you must use something that you can fill with at least 3 inches of water. Cover, bring to a boil, add a good splash of distilled vinegar, and turn heat so that the water is just below a boil.
  6. Break the eggs in a ramekin or bowl. Here is where the timing begins. Pop your multigrain bread or split Muffin into the toaster. Take your straining spoon and stir the water in a circular motion to generate a gentle whirlpool. Dump the eggs in the center of the pool with one motion, they will not break, the whirlpool will draw them all to the center to cook evenly.
  7. Your muffins/toast should be done right about now. Quickly (while hot) coat with light layer of cream cheese, then put on the slices of tomato and ham and add your choice of side.
  8. At this time, your eggs are exquisitely poached (about 3 minutes cooking). Take your “non-stick” spoon and ladle them on top of the ham. Wisk sauce for a second or two, and then ladle sauce over the egg. The sauce should coat the egg and run down over the ham to the muffin/toast.
  9. Garnish with a thin full slice of Cantaloupe or Watermelon in season with a nice sprig of parsley on top. Orange slices or a bit of cranberry breakfast salad in the winter. Serve immediately.
It is easy to buy Virginia’s Finest Country ham from the Turner Ham House at www.turnerhams.com. The Turner Family has been making this great local product from hog to finish for years. The ham is hand trimmed and sliced, so there is very little or no fat and only lightly salted. You can buy it in two varieties; the 2 year aged dry cured, or the cooked kind (I prefer the former) but both are superb! Ron Turner is presently the head guy; a nice easy guy who will see that you get the very best. You can call at 877-Eat-Hams, tell Ron you want some ham just like Wayne gets for The Stonewall Jackson Inn. Give him my regards when you call or write him.