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Heaven! I mean, the Green Valley Bookfair.

Green Valley Bookfair

Oh, books! Can you ever really have enough? When that “what would you save from your house if there was a fire?” question comes up, I know I shouldn’t hesitate, but the thought of leaving all those dear pages-friends of wisdom and inspiration and growth and aspiration behind is a tragic one.

And sometimes (confession here), I DO judge a book by its cover. And I buy it. And it sits on my shelf exuding culture and knowledge, and, I hope, making me smarter just for owning it.

Tale of Two Cities

That’s what happened with “A Tale of Two Cities.” It was $4 and no I couldn’t resist that gorgeous cover design.

“What! Where?,” you ask? Why, the Green Valley Bookfair!

Haven’t heard of it? That’s okay, it was my first time too.

But I’m already planning my next visit.

It’s this unique-to-the-Valley festival/fair/exhibition of BOOKS that happens on select dates throughout the year and features BOOKS galore. (It’s galore-ious, if you will.) Aisles piled high with BOOKS. People piled high with BOOKS. Wish list suddenly piled high with BOOKS. And it’s amazingly neat and clean and organized and oh-so-fun to browse. I shopped for me, I shopped for The Kid, I shopped for gifts. It doesn’t get better than this, especially considering – no joke – most of the books are in the $2-6 range and in perfect condition.

Peter Pan

On my last lap through the kids’ section, I decided I wasn’t going to resist a delightful copy of “Peter Pan,” one of our favorite stories of all time. In fact, one of our very first dates was going to see a threesixty° Theatre production of the work in Boston. Now we’re just waiting for our little Kaleigh to grow into her imagination so we can share the tale. This copy will do the trick beautifully. Just look! $2.50. SCORE. I’m going to go back and snag a similar copy of Black Beauty. If she’s anything like me, she’s going to love the animals.

flash cards

Speaking of little ones, I also stumbled across these super fun alphabet flash cards. Not only are they giant-sized with modern and fantastical illustrations, but they’re coated in a soft-touch matte finish on the picture size, while the backside is laminated for youngsters to practice their handwriting with wipe-off marker. Genius! At $4, I may have stocked up for birthdays and all the other occasions which seem to be contrived for the benefit of young learners… can you really fault me?

A cookbook from the photographically lush and inventive Food52 blog ($6.50), a trio of bedtime Bible stories ($5.99), and a few other visual treats for the wee one rounded out my haul. See, I was the very picture of restraint.

Jonathan, who is much better at walking the minimalist walk than I, just shakes his head.

So, check it out! When they’re running (check the schedule here), they’re open every day of the week. If you’re not quite convinced, you can preview their current offerings on their website. Guaranteed you’ll find something to take home – for you or loved ones left behind (all of them).

FIND IT: From the Inn, hop back on 81-S and take exit 240 (about 10 minutes). Go left at the light, heading east for 1.5 miles. You should see little signs telling you to take a left on Green Valley Lane. Head up the road (it feels like you’re going to a farm) until the see the big barn with BOOK FAIR across the side. Can’t miss it! The buildings are stroller- and wheelchair-accessible, and they take all the usual forms of payment.

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