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Love and Lavender: A Visit to White Oak Lavender Farm

White Oak Lavender Farm

Since the beginning of my innkeeping internship here at the Stonewall Jackson bed and breakfast, Wayne has encouraged me to explore the beautiful town of Harrisonburg. Last week after hearing rave reviews from guests about the White Oak Lavender Farm, I decided to pop down to the Farm for a visit. Spoiler alert—this place lives up to its stellar reputation.

Only steps out of my car, I was greeted by Rebecca, the daughter of the White Oak owners, and her exotic free-range hen sidekicks. After the warm welcome, I headed inside to the gift shop. I almost wish I’d have skipped the shop because there was so much cool stuff to buy. Perhaps it was the calming yet enticing lavender scent, but it took herculean effort to finally stop purchasing fun soaps, jewelry, and lavender scone kits.

Gift Shop: Temptations Abound!

Gift Shop: Temptations Abound! (Photo Credit: White Oak Lavender Farm)

Once I finished pillaging the gift shop, Rebecca took me on a tour of White Oak. It has, of course, rows and rows of lavender (which you can pick yourself!) and a barn where it is harvested. Yet it wasn’t just the fields of flowering plants that made me fall in love with the estate, it was the other unexpected and whimsical attractions on the property. White Oak has a labyrinth and giant outdoor checkers, both within view of a scenic duck pond.


My Hosts Rebecca and “Noodle” at the Giant Checkerboard

Being that it is a farm, White Oak has a variety of animals to pet. While there, I bonded with horses, rabbits, sheep, and the super cute cat “Noodle.” In regards to the animals, my favorite meeting was with “George Washington,” last year’s Presidentially pardoned turkey.

Turkey at White Oak

Official Credentials of George Washington, the Pardoned Turkey

So my take away from White Oak Lavender Farm: this is a wonderful, not to be missed, spot in Harrisonburg. And, as an FYI to all my family and friends, look forward to a Christmas full of aromatherapy lavender soaps courtesy of White Oak and yours truly. 🙂

By Kitty Gray, innkeeping intern at the Stonewall Jackson Inn


  1. Beautiful pictures, and I love my treats that you picked up for me, The entire upstairs of the house smells like lavender.

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